English Русский 2012 M. Gunaza Home | Painting | Biography | Contacts Vitaly Gunaza was born in 1980 in the Pskov region, Russia. He studied at the School of Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine) ,department of  design. In 2007 he graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, department of painting. Since 2001 participates in exhibitions. In 2008 joined the Belarusian Union of Artists. Lives and works in Minsk, Belarus. Exhibitions: 2003 - "Autumn" (Minsk, Gallery “Good Thought") 2004 - "March" (Minsk, Gallery “Good Thought") 2005 - "Light of My City" (Minsk, gallery "Vilnius") - Exhibition of works of young Belarusian artists (Germany) 2006 - Exhibition at the U.S. Embassy (Minsk) - Pozirk "(St. Petersburg, Gallery Attic Artists) 2008 - Republican Exhibition "Debut 2008" (Minsk, Palace of Fine Arts) 2009 - "Just My Motherland" (St. Petersburg, Gallery Attic Artists) - Exhibition-Competition on World Earth Day, with the support U.S. embassy in Minsk (Minsk, a library named after Pushkin) 2010 - Republican exhibition "Landscape" (Minsk, Palace of Fine Arts) - International exhibition "Our Fatherland" (Rostov-na-Donu) Personal: 2008 - "The Cleansing Fire" (Minsk, Gallery “Good Thought") and much more Vitaly Gunaza.   Painting
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